General Terms and Conditions, Use and Privacy Policy and Guide to Creating and Managing Posts
Last updated: April 23, 2024
These general terms and conditions of use and Privacy Policy govern all interactions on the platforms RXpharmaLAB.com, emploiSANTEquebec.ca, and JobLynx.ca, hereafter referred to as "THE SITE". These conditions apply to the use of our services, the posting of job offers and posts, and the acquisition of goods or services.. They concern all users, including visitors, advertisers, and customers. All transactions conducted on THE SITE are governed by these rules. The websites RXpharmaLAB.com, emploiSANTEquebec.ca and JobLynx.ca are included in this set. THE SITE is registered under the Quebec business number (NEQ) 2267757278. In case of divergence between the English and French versions, the French version prevails.
Modification of Terms of Use
We reserve the right to modify these Terms of Use and Privacy Policy at any time to reflect changes in our services, legal requirements, or our data management practices. Any modifications will take effect immediately upon being posted on the site. We encourage you to review this page periodically. By continuing to use our services after these changes, you agree to the revised terms. If you do not accept the changes, you must cease using the services and platforms involved.
Article 1 - Personal Data and Privacy Policy
By using THE SITE, you consent to your personal information being collected, used, disclosed, and stored in accordance with this policy. Please read it carefully.
Purpose and Scope
THE SITE reserves the right to collect personal information and data that are necessary for managing your order, improving the services we offer, and interactions with our partners involved in the management, execution, processing, and payment of services and orders. This policy aims to establish the obligations and security measures that we respect regarding your personal data.
Definition of Personal Information
"Personal information" means any information relating to a natural person which allows, directly or indirectly, their identification. We may collect the following information: name, language of correspondence, email, phone, fax, mobile, physical address, IP address, site usage data and browsing history, information related to your orders and/or use of posts, goods and/or services, as well as any correspondence you may send us..
We commit to respecting the principles of informed, specific, and freely given consent, in accordance with the requirements of the law. You have the right to withdraw your consent at any time. The withdrawal of your consent may affect the accessibility to certain features of THE SITE or our ability to provide certain services.
Purposes of Use
Your personal information is used exclusively for the following purposes:
  • Management, planning, and improvement of THE SITE.
  • Measurement and analysis of site use, including the use of specific features.
  • Development and improvement based on your interactions and preferences.
  • Response to your inquiries and management of your orders.
  • Communication about changes and improvements to our services.
  • Sending newsletters and email communications related to the posts and services we offer.
  • Use of data from quizzes and other activities to track your progress and tailor challenges to your previous results.

We have implemented robust security measures to protect your personal information, including physical, administrative, and technological measures to prevent unauthorized access. Only authorized employees, agents, and contractors who need to know this information to perform their duties have access to it and are bound by strict confidentiality commitments.
Disclosure of Personal Information
We disclose your personal information only for legitimate and specific purposes, ensuring that only the minimum necessary is shared.
The liability of THE SITE regarding the management of your personal data is strictly limited to the amount you have paid for our services.
Notification of Data Breach
We commit to promptly inform the concerned individuals in the event of a personal data breach that may pose a high risk to your rights and freedoms.
User Rights
You have the right to access your personal data, request its correction or deletion, and to oppose its processing.
This policy applies to all data collected via THE SITE and is accessible at any time for consultation. By using THE SITE, you consent to your personal information being collected, used, and stored in accordance with this policy. If you do not accept these terms, please cease using THE SITE.
Article 2 - Use of Cookies
THE SITE uses cookies to enhance user experience, analyze site traffic, and personalize content and ads. Cookies are small data files that a website stores on your computer or mobile device when you visit the site. They enable the site to remember your actions and preferences (such as login, language, font size, and other display preferences) over a period of time, so you do not have to re-enter them every time you return to the site or navigate from one page to another. These cookies do not store any personally identifiable information.
Essential Cookies: These cookies are indispensable for the basic functions of the site. They are set in response to actions made by you which amount to a request for services, such as setting your privacy preferences. These cookies ensure the proper functioning of the fundamental aspects of our site and cannot be disabled. While these cookies may store personal information such as your email to facilitate future connections, they are managed in a way that preserves your security and privacy.
These cookies enable the site to provide functional enhancements and personalization. They are typically set to maintain user preferences such as their email for future connections, thus facilitating the user experience without compromising security. They can be set by our site or by third-party services.
Your Choices Regarding Cookies
If you prefer to avoid the use of cookies on our site, the first time you visit our site, you will be prompted to accept or reject cookies. You can also change your cookie preferences at any time through your browser settings. Please note that blocking some types of cookies may affect your experience on our site and the services we are able to offer.
Article 3 - Intellectual Property / Rights on Images
All images, posts, and other content created by THE SITE, as well as the components of the website, remain the exclusive intellectual property of THE SITE. It is prohibited to reproduce, exploit, redistribute, or use these elements, even partially. The advertising creations such as layouts and images used for the ads remain the exclusive property of THE SITE. These elements cannot be altered in any way, and the logos of RXpharmaLAB, emploiSANTEquebec, and/or JobLynx.ca must remain visible. Clients may use and distribute the posts and images ONLY during the duration of the post for which they have paid.
Article 4 - Personal Client Images
By providing images, photos, or logos for the creation of their post, the client attests to possessing all necessary rights for their use and distribution. They authorize the use of these visuals for the creation of their post and for their distribution on THE SITE, social networks, and partner sites. These elements may also be included in emails sent to subscribers of our mailing lists. Additionally, the images, photos, and logos may be used in joint posts with other advertisers and to promote THE SITE. If a client requests the removal of their post using these visuals, THE SITE commits to removing these from THE SITE as quickly as possible.
Article 5 - Accuracy of Posts
THE SITE is committed to exercising due diligence in creating posts. However, in case of errors, misinterpretation, or incorrect use of information, images, photos, or logos transmitted, correction requests must be submitted by email. THE SITE will correct any errors concerning text or visuals as quickly as possible. If the error is attributable to THE SITE, the necessary modifications will be made without additional charges to correct the post. Conversely, if the error is due to a fault, omission, or oversight by the client, fees will be applied for the correction.
The client is entirely responsible for the truthfulness and accuracy of the contents transmitted. It is important to emphasize that we publish the contents as is, without making grammatical, syntactic, or stylistic corrections. The responsibility for the linguistic quality and accuracy of the text therefore rests with the client. We strongly recommend our clients to review and verify the quality of their text before submitting it, to avoid post-publication corrections that could incur additional charges.
Article 6 - Liability
THE SITE commits to ensuring the diffusion of posts during the validity period of the purchase. However, in cases of disputes arising from the creation or diffusion of a post, as well as the immediate or future use of personal images, photos, or logos transmitted by the client, the liability of THE SITE is strictly limited to the amount initially paid by the client for that post. This limitation applies to all claims for liability, regardless of their nature.
THE SITE will not be held responsible for damages or inconveniences resulting from errors in the use of the images, photos, or logos provided by the client, such as non-compliance with copyright laws, incorrect representations, or if these elements are used, by mistake, on an inappropriate post or one belonging to another client. Furthermore, THE SITE disclaims any responsibility for inconveniences or damages caused by external factors, including service interruptions, intrusions, or the presence of viruses on the Internet network. By providing these elements, the client confirms possessing the necessary rights for their use and accepts full responsibility for any claim resulting from their inappropriate use.
Article 7 - Applicable Law in Case of Disputes
In the event of a dispute, any settlement may be made with THE SITE by email. The contract language is French and these terms of sale are subject to the law applicable in Quebec. In case of a dispute, if no amicable resolution is found, the courts of Quebec will have exclusive jurisdiction.
Article 8 - Medication Quiz
The medication quiz available on the website is intended solely for entertainment purposes. We have taken all necessary measures to ensure the accuracy and updating of the information contained in the quiz, but errors may occur despite our efforts. If you find an error, please inform us by writing to the following email address: contact@RXpharmaLAB.com. Please note that THE SITE assumes no direct or indirect responsibility for the use of the information contained in the quiz.
The list contains about 1000 medications mainly from the Pharmaceutical Products Database (PPD) - Health Canada.
All commercial names mentioned in the medication quiz are the exclusive property of their respective holders. We have no rights over these commercial names. They are protected by intellectual property rights such as trademarks, registered trademarks, or trade names, and are used solely for informational purposes. Their mention in the quiz in no way constitutes a promotion or recommendation of these products. We remind you that the use of any medication should be done in consultation with a healthcare professional, and that THE SITE assumes no responsibility for the use of the information contained in the quiz.
Article 9 - News Bulletins and Documents
The news bulletins and documents available on THE SITE are prepared with care. Despite our efforts to ensure the accuracy of the information provided, inaccuracies may remain. THE SITE cannot guarantee the absolute reliability of the information presented and declines all responsibility for the use of this information. Users must therefore use this information at their own discretion and risk.
Article 10 - External Links
We include external links on our website to provide our users with additional information and useful resources. However, we are not responsible for the content of these external sites and we cannot guarantee the operation of such links. We recommend that users exercise caution when clicking on external links and consult the terms and conditions of each visited website.
Article 11 - Website Availability
We strive to ensure that our website remains online and accessible at all times. However, temporary interruptions may occur for reasons such as maintenance, updates, or due to circumstances beyond our control, such as network failures or power outages.
It is important to note that we cannot ensure constant availability of THE SITE nor guarantee that it will operate without interruptions, errors, or defects. Likewise, it is not always possible to immediately correct errors or defects. We decline all responsibility for damages resulting from the inability to access THE SITE.
In the event of prolonged unavailability, we commit to resolving the issue quickly. We reserve the right to suspend or terminate access to THE SITE without notice.
If prolonged unavailability affects the broadcasting of our clients' advertisements, we will extend the post period for the duration of the unavailability plus seven additional days, without cost to our clients. This measure is applicable only if the unavailability exceeds 10% of the initially planned post period. No refunds will be granted.
Article 12 - Pricing
The prices for posts and services are in Canadian dollars plus the Goods and Services Tax (GST) and the Quebec Sales Tax (QST). THE SITE reserves the right to change prices at any time; the service/publication will be billed at the rate in effect at the time of the order.
Article 13 - Orders
Orders can be placed via the online form on THE SITE, by email, or via social media such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, or Thread. Any order and/or payment of an invoice implies full and unconditional acceptance of these general terms of use. We reserve the right to refuse any request for posting without the obligation to provide an explanation or justification.
Article 14 - Post and Modification Fees
Placing an order triggers a graphic creation process for the images and the online posting of information related to the post. Consequently, no refunds are made after an order is placed. If a client wishes to make modifications to a post, either during creation or after publication, one modification is included in the price, up to 72 hours after posting online. Any additional modifications, or those made after this 72-hour period, will be charged at $77. It is important to note that modifications cannot be made to the job title or place of work; in these cases, a new post must be purchased. To ensure accuracy, all modification requests must be sent by email. Requests by phone will not be considered.
Article 15 - Cancellation or Withdrawal of a Post
The client may cancel or withdraw their post at any time by sending us a request by email. Upon receiving the request for cancellation or withdrawal, THE SITE will proceed to remove the post from the website. No credit, discount, or refund will be granted for the withdrawal of a post. We offer the option to pause a post once, in order to benefit from the remaining days for subsequent broadcasting; it is strongly recommended to use this option. Any request to cancel an order before it goes live incurs a minimum fee of $235; the graphic creation of image files and the setup of information on THE SITE having already commenced.
Article 16 - Payment
Payment can be made through the secure PayPal payment system, whether via a PayPal account or by credit card. Clients with an approved client account also have the option to pay by check or bank transfer.

A fee of $55 will be charged for any check returned due to insufficient funds or stop payment, or for any disputed credit card or PayPal payment.
Article 17 - Guide to Creating and Managing Posts
We transform each post into a unique opportunity for visibility and connection. This guide is designed to answer all your questions and assist you in the process of creating and managing your posts.
STEP 1. Online Form: Creating a Post
Help and assistance
We will guide you through each step of creating your post, providing you with clear instructions. Throughout the posting process, use the question mark icon to display more information.
Start by entering your name and email address.
You must accept our terms of use, ensuring a secure and standard-compliant experience.
STEP 2. Choosing the Type of Post
Four (4) options available
  • Job Offer    Specify the job title/position to be filled.
  • Relief Professional Services    Specify whether you are offering your services as an individual or as part of a team/agency.
  • Opportunity and Business    Ideal for those looking for partnerships or business opportunities.
  • Service Offer    Highlight your professional skills, your service offers, or those of your company.
STEP 3. Location of the Post
Geographic precision
Clearly indicate the city and province for jobs or the service area for service offers. This information is crucial for the geolocation feature of our site. It helps interested users to locate your posting more easily, as many visitors use the postal code search.
Multiple geolocations
For maximum efficiency, if you are offering jobs or services in different regions, we recommend creating separate postings for each area to reach the maximum number of relevant people.
For JOB OFFER posting
Number of positions / work locations
Limits, depending on the duration of the post:
2 months or less
•  1 position
•  1 work location
3 to 5 months
•  up to 2 positions
•  2 work locations (one employer)
6 months or more
•  multiple positions
•  work locations (one employer)
STEP 4. Content of the Post
Creation of the Post
Add the text of your posting, specific instructions, as well as photos/logos/images or text files (accepted formats: Word, PDF, ODT, GIF, PNG, JPEG, WEBP). We handle the creation of the layout and an advertising image for social networks.
Don't have photos/images?
No problem: our team will create an ideal advertising image for your post.
It's possible! Download our template and detailed instructions on the requirements.
It's possible! Download our template and detailed instructions on the requirements.
Revision of the Post
Once we receive your request, we create the required images and send them to your email address within a timeframe of 4 to 24 hours, then proceed with posting online. You have the opportunity to request a single revision (1) of the posting (text, layout, and/or images) within 72 hours of your initial publication request. Please note that the job title, location of the position, or services offered cannot be modified.

You are solely responsible for the text submitted for your publication. We do not perform any text revisions. Ensure that you have reviewed and corrected your text prior to submitting your request.
External link
If you wish to include a clickable external link in your post that directs users to your website, please select the "Clickable External Link" option at step 7 when using the online form. Please be aware that this feature incurs additional charges.

We reserve the right to refuse any external link that does not meet our quality standards, could harm our reputation, or is not in line with our company's orientations or mission.
STEP 5. Advertiser's details
Required information
Full name, company details if applicable, address, and contact methods. To automatically complete this section, access your existing member profile.
STEP 6. Choice of Duration
Choice of Duration
Regular 1 or 2 months
regular section
Featured 3 or 4 months
FEATURED section
+ monthly email broadcast
Banner 4, 8, or 12 months
FEATURED section
+ BANNER on main page of the website
+ 2 monthly email broadcasts
+ 1 post EVERY 4 MONTHS for 30 days
(additional postings (30 days FEATURED + email) can be used AS NEEDED during the validity period of the selected posting package)
VIP 4, 6, or 12 months
FEATURED section
+ BANNER on main page of the website
+ 2 monthly email broadcasts
+ 1 post EVERY MONTH for 30 days
(additional postings (30 days FEATURED + email) can be used AS NEEDED during the validity period of the selected posting package)
Detailed Visibility Options
Featured Shine like a star on the website! Your post will be featured in the advertisers' banner and given priority when potential candidates browse similar posts. A random group from all featured posts is selected and displayed each time the page loads. Enjoy greatly increased visibility.
Banner Grab attention immediately upon candidates' arrival on the site with a striking banner! Choose the banner option for maximum visibility, urging visitors to check your post immediately and as a priority. Banners are displayed in a random order on each page load.
Email Be part of our email blast to thousands of subscribers! Your post will be directly included in our email sending, providing direct access to potential candidates.
Move to top of list Give your listing prime visibility! This option ensures that your ad will frequently appear at the top of the list, quickly grabbing the attention of site visitors.
Additional Options
RXnotes Specially designed for pharmacies, for effective and rapid communication. For more information, visit rxnotes.rxpharmalab.com
RxQuiz Banners from the BANNER and VIP packages are randomly displayed on the popular RxQuiz, providing you with an additional opportunity to stand out! rxquiz.online
STEP 7. Discount, Payment and Confirmation
Pricing grid, promotionnal rates, and promo codes
We occasionally offer promotional pricing grids and discounts accessible through a promotional code. Some promotions are specific to certain post categories, fields, or regions. For instance, we might offer a 20% discount on postings in the animal field. These promotions are temporary and may end without notice. It is the customer's responsibility to select the available reduced pricing grid for their category, field, or region. We reserve the right to refuse or adjust to regular pricing any posting for which the selected promotional rate is not applicable.
Credit Card
Payment can be made through the secure PayPal system, whether through a PayPal account or by credit card.
Check and Bank Transfer
Clients with an approved account also have the option to pay by check or bank transfer.
Confirmation Email
A confirmation email regarding the receipt and payment of your posting request will be sent to the email address used in the publication form.
Did not receive the email?
Check your spam email folder and do not forget to whitelist our email address to ensure you do not miss any of our communications!
STEP 8. Managing the Post
Access your member profile at any time to view your current and past posts and to use the associated management tools.
Posts of more than 30 days can be paused once by the client via their member profile. The maximum pause duration is 365 days; after this period, the publication is automatically ceased. A ceased publication cannot be reactivated, and no credit/refund will be issued following the cessation of a post.
Cease a posting
Posts can be ceased by the client. This action is irreversible; a ceased publication cannot be reactivated, and no credit/refund will be issued following the cessation of a post. We strongly suggest using the pause option for later use of your posting, if needed.
We are dedicated to offering a platform where each advertisement receives the attention it deserves, with extensive reach and to maximize quality interactions.
Processing, please do not refresh the page.

This will only take a moment!
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